My name is Nick Hoffa and I am an acting teacher and working actor. Last year, a friend who works in the corporate world asked me to help her find an acting class; she was looking to strengthen her presentations and sharpen her performance skills. Unfortunately, I had no idea where to send her. We may be smack in the middle of the acting capitol of the world, but it's hard to find classes that aren't geared toward the concerns of acting pros -- or at least 19-year old aspiring pros. 

And so, with that conversation as a springboard, I developed a six-week course for non-actors. As the class has grown, it has become useful as professional development for film industry directors, writers, etc as well as non-industry people looking to grow personally and professionally. In the most fun and non-judgmental way, we dive into improv, acting exercises, and paired scene work. Folks bring a range of experience levels but, on the whole, it is a beginner group looking to:



  • develop skills that can help in their professional lives (presentations, effective communication, etc)

  • learn about the acting process (especially helpful for film industry people who are not actors but want to understand the process better)

  • learn how they're perceived (what they may be communicating with posture and gestures)

  • stretch some creative muscles and have a blast

Come join us! Scroll down for some testimonials from directors, editors, graphic designers, corporate trainers and more. 

Connect with me to ask any questions or to sign up. 

Sept 8 - Oct 20, Beverly Hills, $320

No class Sept 29

As a television sitcom director who came up through the ranks, speaking “actors’ speak” has been the most challenging for me. By putting myself in the role of the actor, I experienced firsthand how receiving well-constructed acting notes can completely change a performance. Watching Nick give notes to the other actors in the class and seeing the results was invaluable. I learned where my “wheelhouse” is and challenged myself to go beyond. I can’t wait to take class with Nick again. He’s awesome!
“I’ve taken Nick’s class 3 times and I cannot wait for the fourth. As a director, I believe it is crucial to try to understand an actor’s process and put myself in their shoes. It can be scary! And to be honest, Nick is kinda drawing out my Inner Actor - whether that’s good or not! Anyone who wants to understand what it feels like to be asked to make sense of a script, to make a character believable, to show yourself, to be vulnerable in front of a group of people, and do all that while trying not to be self-conscious, should take this class. Also, it’s just a hell of a lot of fun!”
As a total newbie to the acting world, I found Nick’s class to be just what I needed: exhilarating and SO MUCH FUN. I’d wanted to take an acting class for many years, just as a hobby, but it’d always been a bit intimidating in Los Angeles. Luckily, I found Nick’s class. He did a perfect job of challenging me, finding material I could relate to, and making me feel completely at ease. I learned so much about different methods of acting and about my own strengths and capabilities. I have to say that after taking his class, I have the “bug” and truly look forward to taking another with him!
I can’t say enough good things about Nick Hoffa and his amazing acting class. As a director, returning to the craft of acting after over a decade away, I was more than a little scared. But Nick made diving back in incredibly easy. He is warm and easy going, and he approaches acting in such a grounded way that it makes the whole process very accessible. He creates a safe environment and at the same time, challenges you to push past your comfort zone. It was really fun, a little scary, and ultimately totally transformative for me.
More than anything, I appreciated the safe non-judgmental space where a group of smart, driven professionals (with little to no acting background) felt free to play with this craft. The change in our performances over just a couple months was astounding. In addition, I learned so much about what it means to be a performer in my own line of work as a public speaker. I’m so glad I treated myself to this experience!
Authenticity! That is what you get from Nick Hoffa and what he is able to cultivate in his students. Having recently returned to the craft, Nick’s classes have been instrumental in boosting my confidence not only as an actor and director... but as human being.
Nick is a fantastic teacher/actor. I’ve been surrounded by professional actors my entire career. When I started directing I wanted to experience life in their shoes. Nick’s class allowed me to feel the excitement (and challenges) of being an actor in a supportive non-pressure-filled and safe place. I have since re-taken his class because besides the awesome education, it’s a lot of fun!
Nick is a generous teacher who is willing to work to make sure each person gets what they need from his class. AFNA was the perfect environment for me, built on support and trust. He gives you the honesty, encouragement and standards needed to further your craft. All that AND it was fun!