Photo by  Mara Casey

Photo by Mara Casey

I’ve been through two Wheelhouse sessions and my framework now has a certain clarity that it didn’t have before. I frame my strengths and weaknesses differently.
The work catches you off guard but it also makes you feel safe. There are things that challenge you, but then there are strengths that are revealed that you didn’t know you had.
— Jerrika Hinton, series regular, Grey's Anatomy

Two months ago, I took this class hoping to reignite the acting fire in me. After 15 years I had lost the spark. Nick asked the right questions, had me work out the funk in a safe environment and now, well...THREE BOOKINGS IN ONE WEEK. (Mic drop)
— Craig Welzbacher, Modern Family (recurring), Code Black (guest star), Parenthood (guest star)

Wheelhouse made me fall in love with acting again. This is an incredibly supportive place where you truly try things, take risks, fail gloriously or take incredible flight—it doesn’t matter because in the end you walk away knowing your skills and trusting that you can take a ride with your instincts, even in an audition. It is an amazing confidence builder
— Amy Stewart, Code Black (guest star), Bones (guest star), NCIS (guest star)

Hi, I’m Nick Hoffa and I run Wheelhouse.

I often say my workshop is an "acting class for people who hate acting class." This is a little hyperbolic since I actually love acting classes, but here’s what I mean: Wheelhouse is a place for working actors who want a drama-free, guru-free environment with as little pretension as possible.

Our time together is a chance for you to simplify your technique, weed out what is stale, and get re-energized.  

It's a chance for you to find your wheelhouse.

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