Episode 3 : Grey's Anatomy's Jerrika Hinton

On Episode 3, Nick sat down with passionate smart cookie and Grey’s Anatomy regular Jerrika Hinton.  They answered the following questions.

  • Why does Jerrika propose a CW vs FOX act-off?   
  • Can you “be more sad” when someone tells you to?
  • Will Nick ever stop saying “you got it” when a director gives him notes?
  • And...why buying in may be the best acting advice.  

Follow Jerrika at @hellojerrika and visit her seriously amazing website at jerrikahinton.com.

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A big portion of my process, what makes me tick, is really dependent on the other person...When I try to make it insulated then I feel like I am doing something wrong. I feel like I haven’t done my job...I feel good when I walk away knowing that I have looked into your eyes and communicated something.
— Jerrika

Eyeline is coming


For the past little while I've been preparing Eyeline, a podcast where my actor guests bare all and let us in on how they approach their work. I'll be talking to everyone from Oscar nominees and series regulars to those who've had enough and gotten out of the game -- it's all about the inside scoop on the struggle to act well.

Episodes will be released in a few weeks but listen to the short teaser below for the flavor. Sign up!