Episode 3 : Grey's Anatomy's Jerrika Hinton

On Episode 3, Nick sat down with passionate smart cookie and Grey’s Anatomy regular Jerrika Hinton.  They answered the following questions.

  • Why does Jerrika propose a CW vs FOX act-off?   
  • Can you “be more sad” when someone tells you to?
  • Will Nick ever stop saying “you got it” when a director gives him notes?
  • And...why buying in may be the best acting advice.  

Follow Jerrika at @hellojerrika and visit her seriously amazing website at jerrikahinton.com.

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A big portion of my process, what makes me tick, is really dependent on the other person...When I try to make it insulated then I feel like I am doing something wrong. I feel like I haven’t done my job...I feel good when I walk away knowing that I have looked into your eyes and communicated something.
— Jerrika