Kyle Chandler and Full-Contact Acting

Competition is a dirty word for actors. Usually it means not being supportive of your fellow artist. Back stabbing. Collaboration vs Competition. But they can coexist. And really they kind of have to. Coach Taylor?

I mean, you’re only as good as the person you’re working with...You’re playing every day... It’s professional playing. And it’s competitive. It’s full contact acting.

In this indiewire piece, Kyle Chandler is talking about the experience of working on Bloodline.  The competition is not about belittling but about pushing each other to be better. Looked at in this way competition is not about being a jerk, but about being the best scene partner you can be.

It’s great when you get to a scene where there’s so much involved between the two characters that he and I can just stand there and we’re looking for a different way to... a facial gesture, a tone, or maybe change the line to get up on the other guy? You know? It’s fun.