Friday Movie Time: Halloween edition

First, Ghostbusters. Such a weird and super scene. Not an intense acting scene so mostly, it's here because... ghosts I guess. But if we break it down far more than is necessary (which I guess I'm gonna do right now) there's moments everywhere.

  • Dr. Peck is as angry as I've ever seen anybody in a movie. Not just in this scene. Throughout.
  • I love the mayor and the archbishop. I don't know why but it is a compelling exchange. It doesn't quite fit with the rest of the movie- a little like these two were in a play around the corner from the set and the producers picked them up and dropped them off here.
  • Watch Murray in the background. He has this expression of glee on this face whenever anybody says anything. What an odd and great choice.

But since it is Halloween, here is the creepy and triumphant climactic scene from Let the Right One In (obvi, spolier alert).  What's creepier than weird Swedish kids?