"Wheelhouse made me fall in love with acting again. This is an incredibly supportive place where you truly try things, take risks, fail gloriously or take incredible flight—it doesn’t matter because in the end you walk away knowing your skills and trusting that you can take a ride with your instincts, even in an audition. It is an amazing confidence builder."

"Working with Nick Hoffa is a joy. His ability to help you focus your own process as an artist/technician is wonderful. No rhetoric or therapy - no cliche. His practical experience as an actor, his instinct as a director, and his prowess as a teacher give every class immediate value that translates in the real world."

"Nick knows the issues that go into being a performer, and needing to explore/learn in a safe space. You always feel like you're free to be whatever you want to be on any given day - without ever feeling like an a$$hole."