Come join a special Acting for Non-Actors workshop geared specifically for film industry folks. You'll get to ask all your burning questions about working with actors as you spend a fun 4-weeks living in an actor's shoes. We'll do exercises, tackle some scene work, and gain insight into how an actor's process can apply to your own work. Space is limited. Check out some testimonials from directors below. For Qs or to signup, click here.

Acting for Non-Actors is run by Nick Hoffa, a working actor and acting teacher. Nick is the founder of Wheelhouse Acting, a guest lecturer at UCLA and Pepperdine, and director of productions at South Pasadena High School. He also hosts Eyeline, a podcast where Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated actors and other accomplished pros chat about their creative processes; shortly after it launched, iTunes named Eyeline a “New & Notable Podcast.” Nick works regularly in commercials and TV - recent credits include Scandal, The Mindy Project, and recurring roles on Justified and the upcoming Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders.

As a television sitcom director who came up through the ranks, speaking “actors’ speak” has been the most challenging for me. By putting myself in the role of the actor, I experienced firsthand how receiving well-constructed acting notes can completely change a performance. Watching Nick give notes to the other actors in the class and seeing the results was invaluable. I learned where my “wheelhouse” is and challenged myself to go beyond. I can’t wait to take class with Nick again. He’s awesome!
“I’ve taken Nick’s class 3 times and I cannot wait for the fourth. As a director, I believe it is crucial to try to understand an actor’s process and put myself in their shoes. It can be scary! And to be honest, Nick is kinda drawing out my Inner Actor - whether that’s good or not! Anyone who wants to understand what it feels like to be asked to make sense of a script, to make a character believable, to show yourself, to be vulnerable in front of a group of people, and do all that while trying not to be self-conscious, should take this class. Also, it’s just a hell of a lot of fun!”
I can’t say enough good things about Nick Hoffa and his amazing acting class. As a director, returning to the craft of acting after over a decade away, I was more than a little scared. But Nick made diving back in incredibly easy. He is warm and easy going, and he approaches acting in such a grounded way that it makes the whole process very accessible. He creates a safe environment and at the same time, challenges you to push past your comfort zone. It was really fun, a little scary, and ultimately totally transformative for me.
Authenticity! That is what you get from Nick Hoffa and what he is able to cultivate in his students. Having recently returned to the craft, Nick’s classes have been instrumental in boosting my confidence not only as an actor and director... but as a human being.