At the drama club meeting on Friday September 1, we will announce the new officers. Despite many interested hands being raised at the last meeting, there were not as many submissions. The good news? The people who did submit are excellent choices for everything we need to have a great year. No matter the outcome, you will be led this year by a strong group.

Because there are co-presidents, it makes sense to vote for two people for that position. That will give us the best idea of your choice for this dual-headed position. I will approach the runner-ups about the other roles we need to fill.

NOTE: as we talked about, this is an anonymous election, but you will write down your name to ensure people vote only once. I promise I will never reveal who voted for whom.

ORDER IS RANDOM. Voting at the bottom.

CO-PRESIDENT: Miles Mendoza '19


Hello people of drama club, my name is Miles Mendoza and I want to be your Co-president. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been participating in drama for four years at SPHS. I acquired much of my experience from being in multiple musicals and leader in my own band. I feel that I will be the best for this job because I have shown over the years in the drama department that I am one of the most hard-working and reliable candidates. With that being said I want to focus on you. If I become co-president I will put forth my entire heart into helping YOU succeed. You are the most important part of this club, so whatever problems or suggestions you may have, you can always come up to me and I will personally make sure your voice is heard. Trust me when I say my friends that I will work with each and everyone of you to help this club thrive. With that, I humbly ask for your vote for co-president of the 2017-2018 drama club. Thank you for reading!
— Miles

CO-PRESIDENT: Lindsey Calva '19

I’m Lindsey Calva and I would like to be one of the drama club co-presidents. Drama is my passion. Although I’m not the greatest actor, I love the thrill of hard work and digging deeper that acting gives me. This year I gave up two of my sports to devote more time to drama, track and soccer, both of which I’ve done for the majority of my life. Drama has given me so much in my life like amazing friends and experiences, courage, identity, and has taught me how to persevere. \I hope to repay what drama has given me by becoming one the drama club’s co-presidents so that I may provide as many resources as possible to kindle the growth of the club, class, and our shows. I hope to guide the club in a direction where the people push each other to grow or shine in ways that they hadn’t had a perspective of before.
— Lindsey

CO-PRESIDENT: Lucy Eller '18

My name is Lucy Eller, and I am running to be one of the two Co-Presidents of the Drama Club. Drama is one of my main passions in life. I have been involved in the program throughout myhigh school career— acting in the shows, taking the class, working backstage, or some combination of the three. As co-president, I would be excited to bring new activities to the club, especially improv. Improv is not just a fun theater-related activity; it builds a sense of community and trust between actors, along with the ability to think quickly, even if you don’t have an idea, and cooperation.
— Lucy

CO-PRESIDENT: Morgan BeVard '18

Moregano Runs For Co-President of Drama Club!

Hello fellow drama kids! My name is Morgan but people call me Moregano and I’d like the chance to be one of your co-presidents for the drama club this school year! I believe I have many attributes that are tailored for a leadership position; I am creative, trustworthy, organized, and responsible. As the president I will include everyone’s thoughts and opinions, always go the extra mile, and incorporate everyone in drama club activities. My experience prepares me for this because I’ve been a part of drama for six years and have taken many leadership roles in the past. This is all great and has prepared me for this role and blahblahblah… but I want to be the drama co-president simply because I love drama, it’s always been there for me, I just want to be there for it too now in my last year of high school :).
— Morgan

PUBLICIST: Rose McCullough '19

I want to be the publicist for the drama club. everyone knows I should be the publicist for many reasons. a few being:

1. i’m the most social person alive
2. i use social media more than anyone
3. i know lots of people
4. i love talking

I want to be the publicist alongside morgan, who already runs some of the accounts. I’m a great graphic designer which could come in handy for posters and flyers, and i love to hear everyone’s ideas. if i were the publicist, i would be more than open to hearing EVERYONE’S ideas. Some might say im not a team player... but i sure as hell am a listener!
— Rose
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